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June Artists of the Month

Tory Cusack and
Diane Brookfield

About the Artists

Tory Cusack

Born native to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Tory Cusack started drawing and painting early, studied fine art in six universities, Colorado Institute of Art, and taught art in Boulder for 18 years.

Growing up Tory best loved my life outdoors, catching and riding horses with friends, wandering the mountains with our dogs, building little fires to keep warm, fishing, hiking, and just being close to the beautiful earth. She has long loved plein air painting because it keeps her in touch with what is real!

Diane Brookfield

From her earliest years Dianne was drawn to do art. Living in rather rural Wyoming She learned to occupy herself through an appreciation of outdoors and the beauty of the quiet landscapes.

After moving to Colorado, she began to search for teachers and classes in art to enhance my skills. She has tried fiber art and several drawing and painting mediums. She now focus on watercolors, especially of the west from Wyoming to Arizona.

Inkberry Books: June 8th at 7:00

Join us for an evening of western romance, science fiction and fantasy.

Agatha Johnson is a terrified tomboy who hides beneath floorboards, hoping to survive a gang of outlaws. ."

Lt. Desiree DeNiro is an Apache Longbow pilot. She returned stateside, but nightmares plagued her, and her PTSD episodes were on a rampage.

The Queen of the Underworld entered her Crystal Chamber. She desperately needed to find a newbie dragon, one who had yet to experience the change.

Author Mark E. Scott is an award-winning fantasy, Western romance, and Western fantasy novelist. Mark is a storyteller at heart, and his novels capture the imagination of a variety of readers.
Mark has won major awards for his novels at film festivals including the Wild Bunch Film Festival, the Cowpokes International Film Festival, and the Sunny Side Up Film Festival.

Most of his novels have received 5-star reviews. The reviews include praise such as "Mark E. Scott has true talent. I loved reading Arizona Cowgirl and the Badman! I relished each page to see what came next!" Mark and his wife Jeanie live in the Denver area and enjoy the natural beauty of the American Southwest.

Inkberry Books: June 21st at 7:00

A Musical Mystery--and the Story of a Lie

As the Great War rages, a French pianist sits down to play a breathtakingly original sonata--a piece so strange and inspired that it could change the course of classical music. The moment is captured on wax cylinders, the recording medium of the day. But in the tumult of war the fragile cylinders vanish, and with them the identities of the brilliant composer and the virtuoso pianist.

A century later, five timeworn wax cylinders land on the desk of Ben Weil, a revered classical music producer. From the moment he first plays them in his Chicago studio, Ben knows he's in the presence of genius. The dazzling piece is fifty years ahead of its time, more Coltrane than Debussy--how could it be?

Brought low by a painful divorce, Ben throws himself into unlocking the sonata's mysteries. But when the renowned pianist Ana Clara Matta stumbles upon the work and takes credit for unearthing it, he's swept into a lie that could shatter his reputation and his private life at a stroke. Somehow Ben must find a way to tell the truth--a dangerous quest that will lead him not only to the sonata's surprising origins, but to his own.

Edward Hamlin is the winner of the Nelson Algren Award, the Iowa Short Fiction Award, the Nelligan Prize and a Colorado Book Award. Pulitzer Prize finalist Karen Russell called his prizewinning short story collection, NIGHT IN ERG CHEBBI AND OTHER STORIES, "sweeping and intimate and awesomely confident," while two-time National Book Award finalist Jim Shepard found it "beautifully written and politically astute."

Publishers Weekly named NIGHT IN ERG CHEBBI a "memorable read from a writer with considerable talent; Foreword Reviews found the work "beautiful, terrifying and compassionate." His debut novel, SONATA IN WAX, will be published in April, 2024.

Since 2012 Edward Hamlin has published more than twenty-five stories in Ploughshares, Missouri Review, Colorado Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Chariton, the Chicago Tribune and elsewhere, garnering three Pushcart Prize nominations along the way. His work has been shortlisted twice for the Bridport Prize (UK) and has been a finalist for the Flannery O'Connor Award, the Grace Paley Award, the Narrative Story Prize, the Raymond Carver Award and others. Stories of his have also been performed on stage and published by Audible.

A New York native and an accomplished composer, Edward Hamlin spent his formative years in Chicago and now lives in the Colorado foothills. He is represented by Deborah Schneider of Gelfman-Schneider/ICM, [email protected].

Inkberry Books: July 19th at 7:00

A Midlife Voyage to Transformation

Yes! Midlife, and the major events that encompass the ages of 35-65, can be devastating or powerful for women's health and wellbeing. But we can choose to be awakened and healed at this powerful time. This memoir is the story of Donna's healing journey through the five stages of the midlife voyage she discovered---Lost at Sea, 

Finding A Mooring, Deep Diving, Rebirthing, and the New Authentic You---to find self-love, resiliency and feminine wisdom. The Companion Workbook is the guidebook and roadmap for women to chart their own courses through major midlife events teaching the process of using the major three tools: Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) to get through all the way to the end.

Donna Daniell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Colorado and has practiced over the past 30 years as a family therapist, life coach, trauma therapist, meditation leader and retreat leader. Donna has treated kids & families with special needs, adoption & divorce. Her practice shifted to an integrative focus at Colorado Therapies in Gunbarrel in 2006, when she became certified as a MBSR teacher (Mindfulness 

Based Stress Reduction) teacher so she could offer mindfulness tools in her women's support groups. As trauma treatments expanded the field, she became a certified (IFS) Internal Family Systems Therapist in 2009 teaching & guiding new therapists in this powerful trauma healing technology as well as designing a trauma-informed coaching program that developed into her retreats. She has training in other trauma therapies including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Attachment (SE) and Somatic Attachment Training. She has completed a 200 hour Yoga training and a Mindful Self Compassion Teacher Training (MSC). She holds an MSW from Denver University and a BA in English/Philosophy/Religion from Vanderbilt University.

In 2020 Donna shifted her practice to focus on writing a memoir, A Midlife Voyage to Transformation, and to further develop a group coaching program for midlife women. As a member of the Rocky Mt. Ecodharma Retreat Center Community, Donna has offered Mindfulness & Midlife Retreats at this Insight Meditation & ecodharma retreat center for the past 6 years. Focusing more on grief work since the pandemic, Donna seeks to provide resiliency support for “climate grief” to activists, based on "Work that Reconnects" of Joanna Macy, and is currently an active volunteer with Citizens Climate Lobby and other local climate action groups in Colorado.

Inkberry Books: July 26th at 7:00


Rian 's discovery of a long-standing conspiracy with far-reaching consequences threatens his life and America 's future.

An enormous sum of bank money is swindled from novice banker Rian Reston in a Colorado ski town. He 's fired. 

Broke and jobless, he contemplates suicide. Before he does, he gets menial work on a failing cattle ranch in the mountains.  

There, physical exertion and nature restore his spirits. Then, unknowingly, he gets work in a money laundering mafia-owned bank. At the bank, the mentor who hired him divulges how the bank is laundering billions. Learning that and how alchemic-like banks dominate our lives with promises launches Rian on a dangerous journey.

Before long, Rian meets and marries his soulmate to begin a lifelong love story. With her, he works to end the banks making money from nothing, then charging insane interest for it. A mafia banker sanctions a strange Shakespeare quoting hitman to eliminate Rian.

With his mentor, Rian hits on an audacious concept to break banks lethal grip on everyone and prevent an imminent economic collapse. To implement it, he starts a grassroots movement that sweeps like a prairie fire across the continent to Washington and Wall Street. Wall Street, using media touts, work to kill what the movement proposes ending bank controlled payments. Using the media, banks spread deceitful narratives to kill it. The movement 's proposal provokes a hitman attack on a beloved Native American woman senator proposing it...

This love story intertwined with powerful promises has epic real-world implications!

Author D. L. Johnson

D.L. Johnson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in a military family and served in the US Army during the Vietnam War. He is an architect and planner from a Colorado pioneer farm family coming to the state in 1903. He earned a BFA degree from the University of Colorado Boulder and received the University's Medal of Honor a 

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. He resides in Colorado with his wife Jeni and two Siamese cats. Elizabeth Ridley was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a master's degree in creative writing from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.