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New, gently used & out-of-print books for readers of all ages.
Author Reading with Barbra Cohn, Friday, September 21th

Join us on National Alzheimer's Awareness Date, Friday, September 21 from 7:00-8:00 for a reading by Barbra Cohn, author of Calmer Waters: The Caregiver's Journey Through Alzheimer's & Dementia. The reading will be followed by an author reception.

After spending a decade caring for her husband who died from younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Barbra Cohn offers a spiritual and holistic guide to help caregivers feel happier and healthier, have more energy and time for themselves, sleep better, feel more relaxed and confident, and experience inner peace, despite the obstacles they face.

With pathos, humor, and compassion, Calmer Waters includes the author’s compelling life story, inspirational essays and rituals from spiritual leaders, stories from family caregivers, and twenty healing modalities from renowned experts that can be practically incorporated into a daily regimen. An added bonus is that both care partners —the caregiver and memory-impaired individual—can use most of the healing modalities, allowing for a stronger connection between the two.

Riveting personal accounts of the journeys that caregivers embarked on with their loved ones illustrate the challenging medical, financial, emotional, and social roadblocks that accompany coping with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. A rare blend of storytelling and practical and spiritual advice, this book offers an uplifting account of the strength of the human spirit, and a testament to the love and dedication of the 15 million Americans caring for a memory-impaired relative or friend.

About the Author

Barbra came to Boulder as a CU student in 1972 and left only to attend graduate school. When she isn't writing, she might be found hiking, dancing at the Avalon, or playing with her adorable grandchildren.

Visit her blog at
Sunday, September 23rd
Join us on Sunday, September 23rd at 2:00 The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration. The presentation will be followed by a reception.

Inkberry Books is delighted to host Connie McIntyre, co-founder of The Grannie Annie, along with young adult readers whose works have been published in The Grannie Annie Anthology. Connie serves as President of the Board, and as Executive Director of The Grannie Annie, whose mission of The Grannie Annie is to inspire young people to discover, write, and share stories from their family's history, and to publish collections of their work.

Through its annual publications and additional related activities, The Grannie Annie encourages people around the world to interview family members to discover stories from their family’s history. When the stories are brought to life in written form, they can be shared with others and preserved for future generations.

There's even more: Behind each family story lie experiences familiar to people in different centuries and on different continents. These simple, and very personal, family stories can help writers and readers to forge a bond with people whose lives may seem very different from their own — and move the world one step closer to peace.

About the Anthologies

Each year, The Grannie Annie publishes a collection of historical family stories written and illustrated by young people. So much entertainment, education, and inspiration in this one small book! Grannie Annie volunteer readers chose the stories in this collection with your family in mind, yet you may want to preview them before sharing them with young or sensitive readers.

September 28, 2018
Join us on Friday, September 28th from 7:00-8:00 for a reading with Cindy Maynard, author of Anastasia's Book of Days.
The reading wil lbe followed by an author reception.

From the vestiges of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe to the creation of the nation we now know as Germany, the life of Anastasia Burkart reflects the momentous changes sweeping across her beloved Black Forest homeland.

She must grow up quickly. Her life which spans most of the eighteenth century takes an unexpected, unusual trajectory. Her story - that of a never-wed mother of thee in a conservative Catholic society is filled with strife, hardship and love.

Based on Anastasia's purported diaries, this novel presents her life story, turning a family genealogy into the flesh and bones of a real woman, who passed her name down through the generations.

About the Author

ANASTASIA'S BOOK OF DAYS is Cindy Maynard’s first foray into writing historic fiction. Her two previous efforts were non-fiction works about the Colorado Plateau and desert Southwest. She has extensive experience teaching and writing about history and the natural world. In this book, she spreads her wings to beautifully weave a personal story into its historic context.

For more information about Cindy please visit her website at:

Author Reading with Ellen Mains, Saturday, September 29th
Join us on Saturday, September 29th from 7:00-8:00 for a reading by Ellen Mains, author of Buried Rivers.
The reading will be followed by an author reception.

To the chagrin of her parents—Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust—Ellen became a Buddhist at 19, nearly tearing her family apart. Over three decades later, in January 2005, while riding a German train, she felt the presence of spirits who died in the Holocaust. It was 60 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, and the question “How can you still believe in basic goodness?” sent her on a series of life-changing journeys to Poland to find an answer.

Beyond recovering a lost family history, Buried Rivers reveals powerful connections between spirituality and trauma, and intimately explores family loyalties, religious boundaries, and the invisible blessing of ancestors. Her memoir includes an Auschwitz survivor account dictated by her uncle before his death.

About the Author

Ellen Korman Mains was trained by the late Tibetan Buddhist master, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and has led meditation retreats in North America and Europe. A former instructor of Kyudo (Zen Archery) at Naropa University, she enjoys guiding individuals in cultivating compassionate self-awareness. Born and raised in Montreal, she has lived in Boulder for 40 years. Since 2006, she has traveled regularly to Poland to engage with her family history while making friendships, teaching meditation, and helping to promote dialog.

Her memoir will be released locally September 11th, and released nationally (Amazon and elsewhere) October 13th. For more information, visit Ellen’s website at

Praise for Buried Rivers

“. . . provides a fresh take not only on the Holocaust, but also the proper response to the seemingly inerasable stain left by profound anguish.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A rich prose journey into the author’s ancestral homeland where she unearths her Jewish family's trauma legacy. Her search for answers is gutsy, yet elegant. Hers is a tempered soul, refined by her spiritual practice—Tibetan Buddhism—which adds a surprising layer of complexity to her quest. A beautiful and important memoir that uplifts as much as it compels.” —Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD, author of With Roots in Heaven and Wounds into Wisdom: Healing Intergenerational Jewish Trauma (2019)

“A powerful testament to human resilience and courage, this book reflects the power of inquiry in a world riven with suffering, and the capacity to transform that suffering into wisdom.”
—Rev. Joan Jiko Halifax, Abbot, Upaya Zen Center and author of Standing at the Edge

"An evocative and deeply spiritual book about a journey through space and time that also unfolds into a mystery about how the body carries and receives messages from the past. Read this and be prepared to think about your own ancestors in a new way."
—Sonya Huber, author of Opa Nobody

"A compelling personal spiritual journey that crosses religious boundaries in order to tackle some of the deepest mysteries of life and death. Revealing how the past, present, and future intersect in the very cells of our bodies, Buried Rivers shows how we can more fully discover spiritual truth and personal healing through the conscious meeting of our ancestors as they appear to us in the here and now. Ellen's journey inspires us to see how the light of basic goodness can shine even in the darkest of times."
—Zvi Ish-Shalom, Ph.D., founder of the Kedumah Institute and author of The Kedumah Experience: The Primordial Torah

"A courageous personal and historical journey into the world of the author’s Jewish ancestors and the atrocities of the Holocaust. What makes her venture so remarkable is the haunting question that accompanies her and a deep conviction in the human disposition for goodness. By shedding light on something so dark, she demonstrates that healing, opportunity, and magic can emerge from the densest suffering."
— Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, author of The Power of an Open Question and The Logic of Faith

“Deepening insights culled from years of Buddhist contemplative practice, and courageously assembling the puzzle pieces of her family’s past in Polish cities and remote villages, the author shares a colorful and revealing picture of contemporary life in post-Communist Poland and her own inner life. An intimate and illuminating memoir that depicts how trusting in the spontaneous wisdom of one’s own body and heart can heal intergenerational trauma.”
—David I. Rome, author of Your Body Knows the Answer

“Part memoir, part spiritual chronicle, Buried Rivers takes the reader on a journey into our most pressing real-life questions about good and evil. This Buddhist reflection on the intimate legacy of the Holocaust is a riveting page-turner.”
—Judith Simmer-Brown, Distinguished Professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies Naropa University, author of Dakini’s Warm Breath: The Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism

“A wise and deeply stirring memoir that takes us on a powerful journey of body, mind, and heart.”
—Lama Tsultrim Allione, author of Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered