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First Friday in Niwot: October 4, 2019
Join us on Friday, October 4th from 6:00-8:30 for an exhibit and reception featuring the work of local jazz singer and photographer Barbara Paris, and live jazz with the Keith Waters Quartet, featuring Keith Waters (piano), Rich Chiaraluce (sax). Ken Walker (Bass) and Dave Rohlf (drums).

The Lens of Barbara Paris

The Photo Collection


On visits to Paris, I discovered and photographed stencil graffiti (pochoir). Stencil graffiti became popular in the 90's in Paris where graffiti was not often seen. Pochior is the French word for ‘stencil’ and describes a technique for printing illustrations that involves applying layers of color by hand. This technique was popular with artists in the 1920s and 1930s in Paris, as the luminosity of the color surpassed that of photography or machine printing.

Many notable artists, including Picasso, used pochoir to reproduce their original works of art. Henri Matisse, at the age of 74, produced an entire book of pochoir called “Jazz Suite.”

In the 1980’s in Paris, Miss.tic, a pochoir artist, became part of the urban art movement along with Blek le Rat, who came to be known as the father of stencil graffiti. The work in this exhibit includes pochoir by unknown artists, as well as a few Miss-tic pieces.

Jazz Vocalists
As my jazz life developed, my photography included vocalists whose contributions to the culture and history of jazz are undisputed. Listening to, learning from, and befriending these jazz singers has been a profound education for me. In a conversation we once had, Nnenna Freelon said that “singers are going to change the world.” It is so true…whether by a phrase, a story, or a glance, singers touch the hearts of their listeners.

Travelscapes and Portraits
My travelscapes and portraits are examples of the varied kinds of photography I have engaged in as a photographer over the years.