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April 27, 2019
Join us on Saturday, April 27th from 2:00-5:00 for the Owl Canyon Press 2018 Winter Short Story Hackathon winners awards celebration. Winning authors from Missouri, Georgia, and Montana, including the Second and Third place winners and several of the finalists will be reading from their work. The reading will be followed by an author reception.

Owl Canyon Press, an independent publishing company located in Boulder, Colorado has just announced the winners of the Winter 2018 Hackathon Short Story Contest. The judges David Greenson (First Place winner in the Summer 2018 Hackathon for "The Biggest Salmon Barbecue in the Galaxy"), Lorain Urban (Second Place winner in the Summer 2018 Hackathon for "Half of What You See") and Julie Hall (Third Place winner in the Summer 2018 Hackathon for "Birds of a Feather"), announced the names of the 3 winning authors and 24 finalists after reviewing more than 950 original works of fiction from forty countries, including the United States, Canada, India, Pakistan, Romania and many more. The entries ranged in genre, and included Romance, Supernatural, Mystery/Crime, Literary Fiction, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Writers were invited to create and submit a short story consisting of 50 paragraphs. The contest provided the first and 25th paragraph, and the short story writer crafted the rest. The first place prize in the Hackathon is $3,000: second place prize is $2000; third place is $1000. After careful reading of all the submissions, the judges awarded the following prizes:

FIRST PLACE ($3000): “Random and Small Redemptions” by Rita Sommers-Flanagan
SECOND PLACE ($2000): “The Final Word” by Virginia Brackett
THIRD PLACE ($1000): “Galop” by Donald Ryan


Andrea Avery
Dominic Breiter
Aramis Calderon
Kyle Caldwell
Travis Dahlke
Helen Dent
Katherine Doar
KelseyWolln Dunn
Daniel Earl
Lila Evans
Scott Adam Gordon
Kelly Griffiths
                Katherine Kendig
Autumn Mabry
Nancy Moir
Ryan Morris
Alissa Jones Nelson
Zackary Pierce
James Potter
Rob Rowntree
Erin Ruble
Daniel Salvatore
Michael Simon
C. J. Worby

The collection of winning stories has been published by Owl Canyon Press in the anthology, 27 Stories, which is available from: Owl Canyon Press